Mr & Mrs Kidner ~ Kangaroo Valley

Thank you both SO SO SO much for everything on the day! 

Chris, you set the mood completely and your voice is absolutely flawless and lovely and everybody was coming up to me going “who is this guy, this guy is great!!”. We loved you and everyone loved you. Music is so important to me because I feel like it can bring so many emotions to situations and you made it perfect. Lastly, thank you for our isle song…..Songbird. Learning this song meant a lot to me and although to begin I was sceptical if I would like ANYONE’s version over Eva Cassidy’s, your spin on it was exactly what the song needed to suit not only me but bring that little bit of something else that I knew James would love. It was truly beautiful! 

Haley, from beginning to end you have been so professional, personable and made the whole process so easy but so exciting and fun! You made the process so lovely! Your words on the day were so beautiful and I’m so excited to be able to watch the footage of the ceremony so I can hear it all again. (And really focus and listen- with no nerves haha). We had so many people praise your words, your manner and everything you made the ceremony become! It wouldn’t have been the same without you. You fit with us and it was so comforting having you there! 🙂