Husband + wife - Marriage Celebrant & Wedding Musician

LOVE STORY... everyone has one, each as different and unique as the next. It's your own. It's what brought you together and led you to choose a lifetime together. Crazy, simple, online, romance novel, fate, unusual circumstances, high school sweetheart or grocery store collision; it's beautiful and worth telling, and we would love to help you do just that. Our own love story? Let's just say there were a Groomsman and Bridesmaid who locked eyes instantly across the room at a mutual friend's wedding. Then BOOM, the rest is history.  We had what we considered the wedding of all weddings because it was true to us. We're now loving every minute of raising our twin boys, Johnny & Kit together. It seems only fitting given how we started that we've ended up in the business of love and weddings together.


Meet Haley - Marriage Celebrant

Yellow Post-it-Notes….. I grew up in a home covered in them. They were LOVE NOTES, from my dad, to my mum, hidden in cupboards, stuck on the milk he knew she'd grab for her morning cuppa, on the bathroom mirror, in the pantry; just reminding her he was thinking of her, or that she was beautiful or that he missed her while he was at work. It's honestly no surprise based on that alone that I'm a hopeless romantic! And a true believer in the deep and meaningful bond a marriage creates. I also love to talk, I'm a people person, creative writer, and I love a good 'love story'. So put all those things together and it pretty much made perfect sense for me to follow the path to becoming a marriage celebrant. So please allow me the pleasure of taking your love story and celebrating it on your big day by creating a ceremony like no other.

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Meet Chris - Wedding Musician

Growing up I was constantly surrounded by music coming from my mum's piano room, or my folks' favourite CD or cassette (yes they were a thing once! ) on max volume through the house. I found myself with an insatiable love of all things music. My mum put a guitar in my hands as a teenager, and that was it; if I wasn't out playing some kind of sport, I would lock myself away and practice over and over by ear, until before I knew it, I was actually pretty good! I began performing at local events, birthdays and functions, before being asked to perform at my first ceremony nearly 10 years ago. Since that wedding, my career snowballed from referral after referral, weddings being my absolute favourite event to perform at, as every song has feeling; every lyric has meaning; and they've all been carefully chosen to reflect the couple personally. It never gets old watching two people marry, it's one of the happiest days in your life and I'm always honoured to play a small part in that...